Professional reports at home and abroad for

Private customers

With our detailed expert reports, we support you in buying and selling your used car as well as in accidents for which you are not responsible.

Private vehicle purchase

Would you like to buy a used, modern classic or classic car that is in Germany or abroad?

No problem – we will provide you with our innovative expert reports Security when buying your used car at home and abroad .

Private customer vehicle purchase

After we have received your order, our motor vehicle experts schedule an appointment with the seller. During the inspection, the entire condition of the vehicle is checked and assessed with regard to over 150 different aspects. In addition, our experts create an extensive photo documentation of the condition and any damage to the vehicle. If the vehicle is abroad, no problem, our local vehicle experts naturally speak the language of the seller. Following the inspection, you will receive our digital expert report in 13 available languages within 72 hours. Now you can make your ideal purchase decision.

This is what you get:

150 points checkup

Extensive photo documentation

Test drive by experts

Inspection on the lifting platform

Paint layer measurement

Private vehicle sales

Do you offer your used, modern classic or classic cars for sale on the Internet?

An interested party from abroad gets in tourch with you, but the distance and the time required to inspect the vehicle in person is too great for him. To solve this problem, either you or the interested party can commission us to prepare an expert report.

private customer vehicle sales

After ordering the expert report, we will arrange a personal appointment with you to inspect the vehicle. Our motor vehicle expert will come to you and inspect the vehicle with you. We check the condition of the vehicle at over 150 test points and produce meaningful photo documentation. We will then prepare a digital report in the languages you require within 72 hours and send it to you. Now you can send the report to your prospective buyers and convince them of the condition of your vehicle.

On-site service

150 points checkup

Extensive photo documentation

Test drive by experts

Paint layer measurement

Appraisal portal

Particularly practical for our private customers: With the appraisal portal, we offer a web-based platform for all processes relating to your appraisals/vehicle valuations, so that you have all your processes optimally organized and ready to hand with just one click.

private customer appraisal portal

When you place your first order, we will automatically create a customer account for you in our appraisal portal, completely free of charge. In your personal order overview, you can always keep an eye on your orders and can view or download the status reports you have already created, as well as their invoices. In addition to an overview of all your orders, you can manage your personal data and always keep it up to date. In addition, these are automatically applied to a new order.

Liability Damage

Have you had an accident through no fault of your own and would like to assert claims against the insurance of the other party involved in the accident?

For this you need a liability damage report. As the injured party, you can easily order this free report from us.

Private customer liability

After you have called us, we will arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible, where your vehicle will be inspected and evidence including meaningful pictures will be created. You need this to be able to assert your claims against the insurance company.

After completion, it will be sent to you and the regulating insurance company or the appointed lawyer by e-mail with photo documentation. A distinction is made between liability and comprehensive damage reports. In a personal conversation, we discuss the results and the further procedure in order to achieve regulation for you as quickly as possible.