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  • This is how we assist as regards your purchase decision
Vehicles for private customers

Private customers

Would you like to buy or sell a used car, a modern classic or a classic car, at home or abroad and document its condition beforehand? Our motor vehicle experts check your desired vehicle across Europe and prepare an expert opinion for you in your desired language.
Car at the car dealer

Business customers

We assist as regards the purchase of used cars, modern classic and classic ars, at home and abroad. Our vehicle experts will prepare a detailed vehicle report that you can use to reverse the burden of proof in order to protect yourself against unjustified claims.
Electric car at the charging station

Electric cars

Would you like to buy an electric car and find out about the condition of the battery? Thanks to the innovative software solution, the exact battery status of your desired vehicle is determined and a certificate is issued to you.

And that’s how it works

Vehicle found?


What is the condition of the vehicle?

You want to buy a used car at home or abroad and avoid the risk of a mispurchase.

Inspect a vehicle


Who can assess the condition of the vehicle?

We will create a detailed status report with photo documentation for you throughout Europe so that you can get an exact picture of the desired vehicle.

Buy a vehicle


Now make an optimal purchase decision!

Now, you can make your purchase decision with reliability and security and use professional arguments for the price negotiation.

Frequently asked questions

Most buyers keep asking themselves the following questions when buying a used car:

Who can help me to determine the condition of a vehicle abroad?2021-08-26T10:06:21+02:00
With over 500 automotive experts in Europe, we offer our customers a quick and reliable way to have the used vehicle they want checked by a local expert. Our customers then receive the report digitally in the desired languages.
Who can help me to determine the condition of a vehicle abroad?2021-08-30T14:49:58+02:00
With over 500 automotive experts in Europe, we offer our customers a quick and reliable way to have their desired vehicle checked by a local expert. Our customers will receive their expert report digitally in the desired languages.
How much does a professionally prepared expert report cost?2021-08-30T14:50:22+02:00
You can easily place an order online from € 179 incl. VAT. You can retrieve a list of our services here.
How do I get the information I need to make a purchase decision despite the language barrier abroad?2021-08-30T15:01:46+02:00
Thanks to our vehicle experts throughout Europe, we can communicate with the seller of your dream vehicle in their native language. We inspect the vehicle at the point of sale and then digitally send you the detailed report in your desired languages.
How can I be certain about the condition of the battery in a used electric car?2021-08-30T15:04:56+02:00
The value of a used electric car depends up to 50% on the condition of the battery. This is exactly why we use innovative technology. Thus, we can determine the exact battery status via remote diagnosis. Following the test, you will receive a battery certificate from us showing the precise measurement and analysis results. More information may be retrieved here .


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Professional vehicle reports at home and abroad from €199 incl. VAT

Receive your report in 13 different languages

Customer testimonials

Jean L.
Jean L.Buying a vehicle in Spain
Thanks to the help of CertifyCar, I was able to fulfill my dream car, a ’59 Cadillac Convertible. The vehicle was inspected by CertifyCar in Spain and, thanks to the informative expert report, I bought it. A top service that allows a safe purchase over a distance (Saarland).
Heiner Z.
Heiner Z.Buying a vehicle in France
When looking for a Porsche 996 4S according to my ideas, I finally found one in France. Thanks to the professional support of CertifyCar, I was able to make my purchase decision over the distance with confidence. Now I enjoy my super sports car firsthand and in perfect condition, every sunny day. Many thanks to the entire CertifyCar team and best regards from southern Germany.
Dejan Z.
Dejan Z.Vehicle sales to Italy
Selling my Audi e-tron to Italy was child’s play despite the language barrier. CertifyCar prepared my commissioned report in Italian, so I could pass it on to the interested party. After receiving the report, he made his purchase decision, in my favor;) Thanks to CertifyCar from Nuremberg.


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