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The Company

We are an international company in vehicle appraisal and valuation management, based in southern Germany in beautiful Nuremberg.

Our focus is on the appraisal and evaluation of used vehicles in Europe at home and abroad. Our customers include banks, leasing companies, fleet operators, car rental companies and insurance companies in Germany and abroad, which are provided with our services.

Expert automobile

Today, we use intelligent software solutions to optimize entire business processes in order to complete our assignments in a fast and transparent manner.

Time does not stand still in process management either. « Numérisation », « mondialisation » et « intelligence artificielle IA » sont les mots à la mode actuels dans tous les secteurs.

With our new product, the digital EU used car condition report (hereinafter referred to as “report”), we are putting this philosophy into daily practice.

Our goal is to enable a fair and safe purchase and sale between private individuals and car dealers / dealerships in Europe.


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This is how our customers rate CertifyCar

5/5 stars on Google Shopping

Thank you for sending me the expert report for my BMW 320i Convertible so quickly. At first I was a little unsure whether the vehicle in Belgium was really in such good condition as the seller had promised. One day after my order, an appointment was made with the seller and the vehicle was checked. In the expert report, I could see that the convertible is in good condition and then decided to buy it.

Matze71 via google shopping

Thanks to the expert report from CertifyCar, I was able to sell my Porsche 996 turbo to an interested party from France. He received the expert report in French from me and he could get an accurate picture of my vehicle to make the purchase decision without having to drive to Germany for the inspection. I think this is a great offer and would use CertifyCar again at any time if necessary.


Europe-wide coverage

We currently operate in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Swiss
  • France
  • Belgium

and very very soon:

  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg

Offers for other countries are currently being set up and we will soon be able to provide you with our vehicle expert services there as well.

In the countries already present, we have a network of motor vehicle experts that already counts over 500 experts.

Our EU used vehicle condition reports are aimed at everyone who wants to buy or sell a used vehicle or a used young or old timer in Europe or in Germany, whether privately or professionally.

A lack of transparency and uncertainty with regard to the quality of the used vehicle, modern classic or classic car, with regard to defects, accident or previous damage, can put the consumer in a difficult situation after the purchase.

For this purpose, we offer you our EU used car condition report (hereinafter also referred to as “report”), with the help of which transactions between private individuals, but also with car dealers or car dealerships, offer more security, reliability and transparency.

CertifyCar’s EU Used Car Health Report assures you, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, that the vehicle has undergone an independent technical used vehicle appraisal in which over 150 points are checked by an external and impartial service provider.

With our report you receive maximum transparency regarding the quality of the desired vehicle. Whether it is a year-old car, a modern classic or a classic car, we check any vehicles in Europe as regards defects, accident damage and previous damage.

Imagine you are offering your vehicle for sale on the Internet. A prospective buyer from another EU country contacts us and expresses interest. There is no time to visit the vehicle in person, the effort and the distance are great.

Unique selling point

To solve this problem, either the seller or the interested party can commission us to prepare an EU used vehicle condition report. In the seller’s country, our appraiser carries out the assessment incl. a photo documentation on site and asks the seller for the necessary data and information to complete the expert report. After our internal quality assurance, the finished expert report is sent online to the client in his language and in the national language of the interested party.

Complete package of reports at a glance

So you can send it to the interested party in their language. The interested party receives a much more precise impression of the vehicle in order to be able to make their purchase decision much better. This saves time and money for buyers and sellers. In any countries in which we operate, we prepare our expert reports based on our absolutely identical quality features. From analysis to examination, we check over 150 different status items. On the basis of the chassis number, we also call up all of the vehicle’s special equipment and check it for completeness.

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